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Fact is there are a lot of different hairstyles but not all look great on everyone. Trendy hairstyles are different and diverge depending on factors such as facial structure, style and age. Trendy hairstyles are here and gone the next day or year major changes to the hairstyle can be risky.

Certain hairstyles still continue to be trendy as they have initially made a spatter on some celebrity heads. Two of those classic and trendy hairstyle that is been talk most about is Versatile cut and dimensional shag. The shag is a very trendy hairstyle that many women have sported. The dimensional shag allows easy changes for quick beautiful looks. With many variations, the shag allows for little differences in the ends with curls, waves, and other little changes. Another great hairstyle trend is the versatile cut that allows many different looks. The versatile cut allows bobs, curls, different length ends as well. Hairstyles like Barbara Walters are some of the trendiest styles for this type. Both these styles are for women.

trendy hair styles

trendy hair styles

Trendy Hairstyles for Women

Trendy hairstyles for women have survived years of change and are still great looks which can be easily altered for even more different yet similar looks. They are those that combine the gap of generations. Not all trendy hairstyles are able to bind the age gaps. Some trendy hairstyles are meant for specific age groups. Older women can find a trendy hairstyle that suits them much better than a younger woman.

Trendy style is great for any hair color but works best with thick or layered hair. When it comes to trendy hairstyles there is a great abundance of styles to choose from.

Following are few trendy hair styles:

Versatile Cut

It is shorter underneath and longer towards the top. It allows not only lighter hair extensions but also the versatility to modify with different lengths, bangs, and other modifications.

Dimensional shag

The haircut is less defined so it can be worn in different ways thus it is called a deconstructed cut. Best suited for women with long hair who can try the shag shoulder length with fringe/bangs and sides.

Fairy Cut

This style is well suited for summer and really shows off the face as very confident. In this style the hair is close-cropped in layers that frame the face. It has many short pieces that vary in length and also close-cropped around the ears and back of the neck.


This is one of those classy styles that is been existing for ages. Bob works well with soft and straight hair. The different varieties of bob are:

1. Inverted Bob

2. Short Bob

3. Blunt Bob

4. Curly Bob

Short Cut

Best suits women with a delicate face with small features. Women with long and thick hair need not try this. The length of the hair is maintained to a maximum of 20 to 25 inches. The cut should crown the head and the sides should gently frame the face. This is an easy hairstyle to maintain with any kind of a shape at the tips and some of the hair vitamins. use sex hair tool to get more styles.


This is still the hottest cut for many runway top models. Fringes add sophistication, elegance or make a daring statement. Different fringes can be made to bring out the individuality and facial structure. Soft and frail fringes, casual jerky edges and strong bold lines are always sexy.


This cut complements in high fashion circles for all seasons with casual textures. It easily creates and maintains the natural look. Layers are unstyled, free moving, and subtly high lighted hair. It not only has a lot of curls but also plenty of slightly tangled waves added to the volume and texture making it the best for young women.


One of the trendiest hairstyle during the hotter months is ponytails. Ponytails give a classic and sophisticated look. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a neutral colored elastic band. Then, pull a thick strand of hair out of the elastic holder and wrap it around so that the hair obscures the elastic. Secure with a small bobby pin on the underside of the ponytail.