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Perm comes from the word “permanent” because the hairstyle perm is where the structure of the hair is changed permanently into a new shape. In this style as the hair grows the perm also grows out. A permanent waving is the reconstruction of the hair shaft by a chemical action. A perm will soften due to the chemical action or lose some of its shape by time, but it rarely will go back to what it originally was or what the natural texture of the hair.

Hair perms are used to create a bend, curl or even to loosen curl for people with naturally tight curls. A perm will do nothing more than give the hair some volume, direct it in a certain way or prevent it from making a parting when not required. Perming is a fantastic way to add everything from body to true curls to straight hair. A perm gives a easy wash and wear hair style, free from the hassles of setting, blow-drying, and curling irons.

There are many hair style such as trendy hair style, wedding hair style, etc. use sexy hair tools that you could able to make more hairstyles.

Perming requires a bit of extra hair care because of its drying effect. The hair has to be kept well-conditioned and moisturized to maintain curls. Perming can be done on any lengths of hair but very fine hair types or thin hair type must be permed with extreme care to prevent hair damage.

Perm is exceptionally easily and will last long time on the following hairs:

Curly hair
Asian hair
Coarse hair

Types of hair on which perm wont hold at all or will react badly would be best advised not to perm in these circumstances:

If hair is treated with henna colors.
If hair is treated with lighteners that lighten hair when in the sun. The result of perming these types of hairs is heavy hair loss.
Perm will stay for a short period of time on silky smooth or glassy fine hair with a strong outer surface.

Perming Kit!

Permy Perms

Permy Perms

Perm Solution

How to perm!

Every perming process has two parts, the physical wrapping of the hair into shapes and a chemical bath of the hair. The process is as follows.

1. Understand the hair and choose an appropriate perm product from a supermarket or hair stylist. Read and understand directions.
2. Comb hair to get rid of all the knots.
3 Shampoo hair and use a rich protein conditioner. Avoid heavy conditioner as this may prevent the perm from setting.
4 Make sure to wear the correct safety equipment because perm chemicals are not designed for use on the skin. Wear a gloves to resist chemicals. Use petroleum jelly like Vaseline around the neck, face and scalp to protect the skin.
5 Split hair into equal sections. Place appropriate rod as there are many kinds of rods available to produce a variety of different kinds of perm.The size of the rod determines the tightness of the curl and the tightness of the wrap and how long the perm solution stays in the hair.
6. Use a straight rod for the most natural looking curls. Wrap hair around the rod at the same width from top to bottom. Avoid bunching or clumping the hair around the rods.
7. Apply the perm solution beginning at the scalp to the ends. Massage the perm solution carefully into all the hair.
8. Maintain the perm solution at the correct temperature. Leave the perm solution in for the amount of time needed for the desired effect.
9. Understand that a hair perm takes about 2 hours to do well. A perm will not be set for up to 24 hours. A typical perm lasts 3 to 5 months.
10. Rinse the perm solution out of the hair completely. Make sure all the solution is washed away completely.
11. Apply neutralizer. This neutralizing begins the process of re-forming the broken proteins in the hair.
12. Carefully towel hair and hold head upside down and shake it gently. Avoid rash drying because this might damage the new curls as it will take up to 24 hours for the perm to set.
13. Consider a haircut because a good hairstyle has a great influence on the final look of the perm.
14. A permed hair of the desired style is obtained.
15. Do not wash hair for 48 hours after having a perm.
16. When blow-drying use a low heat setting, and fit an air diffuser to the hair dryer which will help avoid drying out of hair.
17. Use a vent brush and styling products specifically designed for permed hair.