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Hair Brush:

A hairbrush is a small brush with rigid bristles used in hair care for brushing, styling, and detangling human hair. Brushing hair after a hair cut is extremely important for maintaining health, shine, and appearance. There are a wide variety of hair brushes available in the market. Hair stylists have to find just the right type of brush for the specific type of hair and styling needs. The following are a few types of brushes and the types of styling they are sued for as each brush has its own styling purpose.

The Flat Brush is used to straighten tidy and neat hair and gives a professional look. It is also used to detangle unkempt hair .

The Paddle Brush is wide brush designed to enhance working with long hair. It is used for untidy and unkempt hair which is hard to manage. It’s great for creating smooth and straight styles. It’s comfortable only for hair that is all one length.

hair cutting tools

hair cutting tools

The Round Brush or Thermal Round Brush is used for neat and tidy hair of medium length.The brush curls the hair and is designed to assist in styling hair with a blow dryer. These brushes are available in various sizes depending on the tightness of curl or wave required. They help produce a curly, wavy and bounce look.

The Sculpting Brush is good for sculpting and is great for backcombing to add volume to short styles. Always work forward in small sections when back combing.

Some of the other types of brushes are cushion style brushes, nylon brushes, curling brushes, vent brushes, spiral brushes and radial brushes

Excess brushing can cause hair loss, and contributes to split end so brush when necessary. Use brushes with ball tips that are molded as a part of the bristles and avoid brushes with broken tips which may cause breakage of hair. Irrespective of the type of brush hold hair taut and create tension with the brush for better results.


Clippers are easy to use and can help in giving a final touch to the hair style done. These hair clippers are also an important tool used for trimming the hair in sections in order to make sure a clean and perfect cut is obtained. Hair clippers may be plastics or steel based. Small Clippers are used to shave the remaining hair off the back of the neck. This simple step is necessary to maintain a well groomed professional appearing haircut.

Good clippers are designed for daily use and clippers are best used for cutting over a comb. These clippers are ergonomically designed to be powerful.

All in 1 tool:

For stylist who use different blades for different purposes this all in 1 tool is a boon which is manually operable hair-cutting tools which is disclosed in a plurality where paired cutting blades operate together to achieve cutting or thinning of hair. This tool preferably comprises of three pairs of elongated cutting blades. These pairs of blades are separate from each other but provided with an element of being connected at a pivot point and thus forming a combination of a central pair of cutting blades. There are two outer pairs of cutting blades, such that the cutting blades operate together through movement of actuating handles on the central pair of cutting blades around the pivot point. The outer pairs of cutting blades can optionally be removed for operation of the hair-cutting tool as a traditional pair of scissors and for ease of sharpening.

This tool is can be used by hair styling experts who have hands on experience with the blades and who could provide a cut within seconds. This is one of the easily accessible tools which could be used for a hair cut as well as for thinning the hair.

Hair Dryer:

Hair drying is the final stage of hair cutting for everyone. A blowdryer or a hair dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over wet hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair.

Today high speed hair dryer is one of the best hair dryers on the market, Olayer is hair straightener manufacturer that offer many type of hair styling tools including, high speed hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, straightener brush, and among others.

These dryers allows better control of the shape of the hair in the process of cutting or styling, by hastening and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside the hair Hydrogen bonds are very powerful, but are temporary and vulnerable to humidity, so that they entirely disappear with a single washing of the hair.

Drying time will vary based on the hair’s thickness and length the approximate time required is 10-20 minutes. Varies hair dryers available in the current market are thermal hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, ionic hair dryers, salon hair dryers, palm hair dryers, travel hair dryers, infrared hair dryers, and many more. A perfect dryer can always help to keep the hair style perfect and also the hair healthy and beautiful. These blow dyers allow better control of the shape of the hair in the process of styling which is done.